My final art Project

דנה לאור קוגן
לילך פלג
  • 25/03/2014

רות גרינשפן
  • 25/03/2014

בת אל ויסלר
  • 25/03/2014

דן קוגן
  • 25/03/2014

רוני לבנון
  • 25/03/2014

דובובסקי ענת
  • 25/03/2014

יעל רם
  • 24/03/2014

דנה גרון
  • 24/03/2014

אלה נוה
  • 24/03/2014

  • 24/03/2014

נועה אנגל
  • 24/03/2014
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איתן גינזבורג
  • 23/03/2014
  • Backed in: 1 projects

גלית שמש
  • 23/03/2014
  • Backed in: 4 projects

אביגיל טאוב
  • 22/03/2014

נילי לאופר
  • 22/03/2014
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Anna & Ran Yona
  • 21/03/2014

David Maayan
  • 21/03/2014
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Gilat Shani
  • 21/03/2014

לביא נורית
  • 20/03/2014

גלעד קדמי
  • 13/03/2014
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Project by

דנה לאור קוגן
iv been always doing alot, and probably always will be. :)
10,275 ILS
Pledged of 10,000 ILS
Days to go
This project will only be funded if the project will reach the target goal in the specific given time
How to back this project?
Minimum 25 ILS get a personal thank you email
Get an individual thank you email
14 Backers
Minimum 50 ILS 3fridge magnets
choose 3 of 10 chosen pictures from the project and get the via mail
(yep, i ship worldwide)
* and also get an individual thank you email
11 Backers
Minimum 75 ILS BE THE ART
Put yourself in a bottle!
your are invited to the opening of the project,be sure to be apart of this (the project is limited to 200 , only 50 will attend the opening)
* and also get an individual thank you email
4 Backers Pledged of 50
Minimum 100 ILS an original art piece via mail
(maybe one day will be worth lot)
a quick water paint painting, stop-motion or whatever i fell like doing- for sure this will be made especially for you
* and also get an individual thank you email
19 Backers
Minimum 150 ILS an unforgettable memory
you'll email me a picture of yourself or whoever you want, ill print it and put it in a bottle, take an artistic photo of the picture in the bottle, frame it and send it to you via mail- internationally as well
great value.
* and also get an individual thank you email
6 Backers
Minimum 300 ILS yep ,your own bottle
a Do it yourself kit , how does it work?
you send email me your desired picture, and ill print it and send you the kit vie mail
(not possible internationally)
also possible as a present

* and also get an individual thank you email
3 Backers Pledged of 10
Minimum 500 ILS Invitation for two to a luxurious dinner
Imagine a rich dinner, everything homemade bread, fresh fish, good wine. You are sitting with your partner on a wood verandah (and other couples who supported this project) overlooking an ancient volcano settled in a rare nature reserve, Oh and I forgot to mention - the sun is setting and a saxophone is softly playing in the background ... , the real thing. The Art of food runs through my
veins and I'd love to present you.
my skills
1 Backers
Minimum 1000 ILS every thing/company sponsorship
everything i mentioned above+a great thank you+ your company's name+logo, the name+logo will appear in the projects catalog+ on a special sponsorship wall placed near the project
1 Backers
Minimum 1010 ILS the more the merrier
0 Backers