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My name is Michael Katzanelson. 

Everyone calls me "Katza" 

I am 56 years old and am blessed with four grandchildren.

I was wounded on the first night of the 1st Lebanon War when I was hit by three RPG rockets. When one fell to my left and the shrapnel pierced my left leg, I immediately realized that I had lost my leg. I understood that I have to get on with life. Indeed, I am fortunate to be alive! From that  instant onward, I am constantly challenging myself. 

During the last year I had a dream which has become an ambition - to climb Kilimanjaro! 

Please partner me in realizing this dream!

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Israeli citizens and soldiers wounded in military actions in defense of the State of Israel, who have endured and survived terror attacks, now have to cope with a long period of hospitalization and deal with numerous physical and mental problems. TIKVOT believes that it is our sacred duty to rehabilitate and restore their self confidence and dignity and to return forgotten smiles to their faces. TIKVOT knows that sports participation plays a major role in the rebuilding of the victim’s self esteem and assist him/her to come to terms with their disability.
40,110 ILS
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Minimum 50 ILS Katza Kilimanjaro shirt
Tshirt with Katza slogan
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Minimum 50 ILS TIKVOT Dri fit shirt
Drifit TIKVOT Tshirt
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Minimum 80 ILS Thank you letter+magnet from Kilimanjaro
Thank you letter+magnet from Kilimanjaro
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Minimum 100 ILS TIKVOT buff
Bandana for ski or cycling with TIKVOT slogan
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Minimum 400 ILS TIKVOT running shirt
Saucony running drifit shirt
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Minimum 1000 ILS TIKVOT Triathlon uniform
Orca triathlon suit
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Minimum 2500 ILS Lecture by Katza
Katza will tell his fascinating story of injury, rehabilitation and his decision of to to live his life despite his injury
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Minimum 250 ILS Trek riding Helmet
Trek riding Helmet - Bontrager
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Minimum 350 ILS Participating in a cycling or running workout with
Come share the TIKVOT experience in a cycling or running session with trainer and TIKVOT Tigers
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