Help End Police Violence!

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel

Let's end Police brutality!

What do an Ethiopian youth, a Bedouin working at a supermarket, and a demonstrator against the Gas plan have in common? They, like many others, have fallen victim to police brutality, and subsequently received assistance from PCATI. Hundreds of testimonies of severe police brutality were published in social and mainstream media over the last year; hundreds of complaints presented to the Police Investigative Unit, and yet in 2015 only 100 cases resulted in a conviction.

We must change this equation. Policemen should be protecting civilians, not harming them, and the police must deal decisively with violent individual policemen instead of trying to cover up the stories.

It's time for justice.

What do we do?

After a police brutality "story" disappears form the headlines, PCATI's work begins. We talk with the victims, offer them legal representation, accompany them when they present a complaint at PIU, and take steps to ensure that the complaint is addressed. If we do not receive a result - or the result is merely a disciplinary hearing – we appeal. If the victim needs to give personal testimony, we accompany him or her also throughout this complicated process.  

In short, we at PCATI work with patience and determination so that every victim of police brutality knows that we're there to support them and help them achieve redress and justice.

Why do we need you?

Our project had modest beginnings a year ago. As testimonies piled up the true picture began to emerge: a severe reality, requiring deep and professional treatment. Our cases receive legal and media assistance; we present complaints, accompany the victim throughout the legal process, help him/her bring the story to the public eye, and hold workshops where we help civilians and especially protesters learn how to deal with police brutality. Because we believe it is important for every person to know their rights; because we all deserve a police force that protects us.

How much are we asking?

We need your help to finance a small part of our activity: most of our costs are covered by existing donors.

The cost of the project is about 211,000 NIS per year. An Israeli fund covers 140,000 – and the remaining 71,200 NIS we at PCATI need to raise. We're asking you to fund only a quarter of this – 19,800 NIS. Every additional shekel will help us all decrease the chances of police violence, until the streets are safe and the police returns to its proper role of keeping citizens and resident secure.What will your money be used for?

Your donation will allow us to continue the fight against police brutality over the next year. This will allow us to help citizens and residents know their rights and stand up to the authorities.

It's time for justice: together we can ensure that no innocent man or woman need be afraid of the police.

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The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel
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PCATI is Israel's preeminent human rights organization, addressing issues of excessive state violence and accountability with a focus on torture. Founded in 1990 in response to the widespread and systematic use of torture in Israel, PCATI Advocates on behalf of all people, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, political persuasion or alleged offense, to protect them from all forms of abuse by state authorities and help them achieve redress. We believe that torture and ill-treatment of all types and in all situations is incompatible with moral values, with democracy and with the rule of law.
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