Shevet Achim-Chanuka

Dvorah Belenky


I invite to be among the first to hear 

BaYamim HaHem BaZman HaZeh

 by The Shevet Achim Ensemble and guest clarinetist Chilik Frank

I invite you to take part of in publishing and distribution of this disc

which is about to be released here in Jerusalem, Israel!

We've composed, arranged precious melodies, practiced, rehearsed and recorded, edited, mixed and mastered, all in order to bring this music with Jewish spirituality, depth and joy to the world.

Now in your zchus, this music will play!

Haven't you heard of us?

Here's your chance to hear and share!

I'm Dvorah, representing The Shevet Achim Ensemble.

We find music, especially harmony enthralling.

It is our dream 

to combine the purity of music with the power of Judaism,

creating a place of beauty and harmony for the Shechina.

The musicians on this album:

                                 clarinets- Our guest star Chilik Frank, Yehudit Shrager

                                 violins- R. Kantrowitz (Kohn), Miriam Zvi (Belenky)

                                 flute- Dvorah Belenky (Kohn)

                                 harp- Rivka Arki-Amar

                                 piano- Miriam Zlotnik

                                 cello- Ina-Esther Joost Ben-Sasson, 

                                            Sara Dagan (Goldberg)

                                 string bass- Menucha Yaffe (Fulda)

What's on the album?

Chanuka is the only Jewish festival which includes Rosh Chodesh,

so we've included melodies from Chanukah, Hallel and Rosh Chodesh.

You'll hear a variety of joyous, powerful, light and exciting music, 

based on a mixture of klezmer and classical styles, 

all coming directly from our heart and soul to yours.

Be part of gifting the world with this music and light. 

Really be part, by supporting and sharing this music. 

Are the Israeli prices confusing? Here's a currency changer.

Choose from the options on the side,

 and please tell your friends and family about this project.

Be part of the miracle long ago, now, in our time!

T h a n k   y o u !

While music is our passion and not business, creating and publishing an album costs approximately 60,000 NIS, which is why we are selling it through Headstart's social distribution.

filming and editing: Naomi Retbi  052-7110994

Project by

Dvorah Belenky
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I was born in 1961 and learned to play the flute from an early age. As small children my sister and I played music together, so we've actually been playing together for over forty years! I've played in orchestras, bands and ensembles and conducted. Thank G-d, I'm happily married and the mother and grandmother of a blessed and beloved family. While raising the family I had little opportunity to be involved in my music for some twenty years, and now I am enjoying composing, arranging, playing and recording, and at this point, finishing and distributing our new album.
20,065 ILS
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How to back this project?
Minimum 20 ILS Album at cost price
You love this music, but times are hard right now.
This is for you!
May you be blessed granted good sustenance, by the Source of all blessing.
5 Backers Pledged of 20
Minimum 30 ILS The Digital Album + bonus track
You'll receive the new Chanuka album to your email, even before it's released officially, and a bonus track from a different upcoming album.
Thank you for your support! We love to share our music!
11 Backers
Minimum 40 ILS The CD!
You'll receive the album to your home (in Israel) and a bonus track from an upcoming album.
Outside Israel please add 25 NIS for postage. We cannot promise it will arrive before Chanukah this year.
18 Backers
Minimum 70 ILS Ticket To A Show+ digital album
Our show in Ma'ale Adumim + a digital album as a bonus.
Thank you for your support!
1 Backers Pledged of 40
Minimum 80 ILS The notes to our music
Are you a musician? Music teacher? Would you like the notes to our music? Get them as well as the score, or a personal playback without your or your student's instrument. Just add 30 NIS per piece for each you'd like. If you need the notes adapted to your instrument, that's possible, too. We are making most of our music available, excluding the piano parts, for which we have only chords
+ digital album
1 Backers Pledged of 20
Minimum 80 ILS Our first 4 digital albums
You'll receive our four digital albums to your email!
Neimot Yiteinu, Neshama Yeteira, Me'ever LaTzlilim (Beyond the Sounds), and the new Nigunei Chanuka album.
In addition, we'll send you a track from a future disc!
4 Backers
Minimum 100 ILS TThe album + bread workshop
We'll prepare fun, creative breads that the kids love to eat, to the sound of music (ours).
The workshop will be in Ma'ale Adumim, the week before Chanuka.
+ the disc
1 Backers Pledged of 10
Minimum 100 ILS A ticket for 2 to a show+ a digital album
A ticket for two to our show in Ma'ale Adumim + a digital album.
We appreciate your support!
3 Backers Pledged of 60
Minimum 150 ILS Our first 4 CD's
We'll send you our first four CD's to your house, with all the printed material, (yet without the plastic cases, outside of Israel).
Outside of Israel, this may not arrive before this Chanukah.
1 Backers Pledged of 100
Minimum 150 ILS Flautists! A Special Treat For You!
A master class in flute playing, including klezmer technique in Ma'ale Adumim.
+ album + a track from an upcoming album!
1 Backers Pledged of 15
Minimum 200 ILS A Good Deed Together
I will play a concert for the elderly or the ill in your merit (a concert for every 5).
In addition you will receive a digital and physical album and 2 tracks from future unpublished albums. Yishar Koach!
4 Backers Pledged of 100
Minimum 200 ILS Music is forever! Gifts!
Chanukah gifts!
This music can add atmosphere in any Jewish home. Music is forever (and these can be downloaded to the computer)!
You'll receive five discs to your home.
If they are being sent outside Israel, please add to cover postage costs.
Sorry, outside Israel they may not arrive before this Chanukah.
Thank you for supporting this music! May it become more and more beautiful to you!
7 Backers Pledged of 500
Minimum 1500 ILS Flute concert+ bonus tracks to attendees
Live flute show with a rich playback from our albums.
There are various possibilities for the theme of the concert:
1) Just music. 2) Shir HaShirim. 3) The Splitting Of The Sea In My Life. 4) The Mystic Waters Of The Mikve-concert for women. 5) The Parable of Life. 6) A Musical Journey in Judaism. 7) Appropriate theme according the period of the year.
Each attendee will receive a track from an upcoming album to his/her email.
Appropriate for wedding anniversaries, change-digit-birthdays, cultural evenings.
Concerts are available only in Israel.
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Minimum 2000 ILS One hundred cheap albums
One hundred albums (CD's or digital albums) as a Chanuka gift for an entire group.
Outside Israel, we can offer the digital albums.
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Minimum 3000 ILS Flute and harp concert
A heavenly concert with flute and harp. You can choose a topic for the show, or just enjoy the music.
This is appropriate for all types of events including dinners for donors, anniversary parties, birthday parties for adults or for the elderly, 7 brachot, or wedding receptions. You provide the room, patio or cultural centre, and we'll provide the music. (In central Israel.)
0 Backers Pledged of 10
Minimum 4000 ILS Concert with the ensemble+bonus tracks to audience
Have a full show with the Shevet Achim Ensemble (flute, violin, and harp or piano), and get a track from an upcoming album to the email of each of the members of the audience.
Only in Israel, in the center of the country and surrounding areas.
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Minimum 50 ILS Pick-it-up-yourself
You'd like to pick up the album? Our pleasure!
It will be available in Ma'ale Adumim and on Har HaHotzvim in Jerusalem.
We'll let you know where and when.
Thanks for your support!
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Minimum 60 ILS The Album + bonus track
The CD will be sent to your home by mail. The price includes the mail in Israel.
We will also send you a bonus track from an upcoming album to your email.
Feel free to order as many as you'd like as gifts. Just add 50 for each one.
If you are ordering outside Israel, please add for postage costs. Thank you!
Outside Israel we cannot promise that the CD will arrive before this Chanukah.
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